The new Chevrolet Sonic on the market

    The new Chevrolet Sonic to be available in two model types when it's released later this year. And like most vehicles that offer a hatch and a sedan model, the latter will sell the most units, but Chevrolet hopes the hatchback version will have a huge impact on the market for sub-compact car. The car will come standard with a six-speed manual transmission, multiple airbags, power windows and locks and keyless entry.

    When the car company finally completed the prototype of Sonic 2011, which brought very few automotive journalists not only to know your opinion on the car's styling, but basically wanted to know how it "feels" while the driving the car. The group that designed the car I wanted this car is the best car in the market that can get 40 miles per gallon and also wanted to be the most fun to drive.

    Sonic's predecessor, the Aveo, a car was decent but not really stand out in the car market crowded sub-compact. But with this new vehicle, Chevy wanted to take this opportunity to not only be one of the major automakers sub-c, but also change the perception that the company could not make a sub-c could also compete with the Ford Fiesta . And so far, seems to have been achieved through the release of a vehicle that has great style and numerous advanced features.

    The "fully loaded" version of Sonic has 17-inch wheels and an optional turbocharged 4-cylinder. Compared to its competitors, the engine of this model is better in general, due to the power 138, and also due to the amount of torque is has (148 lb). Its closest competitors, the Honda Fit and the 117hp and 120hp festival takes respectively. In general, these figures may not sound like much, but when you take into account other specifications of the cars, which, suddenly, the CV becomes a major factor. The engine fitted to the seat base has the same amount of horsepower and fully loaded version, but has less torque.

    Now even though Sonic is a bit more powerful than its competitors, but also has a better handle more. Tests show that it is 2 seconds faster in general than other cars in its class. And like most cars these days, power steering for this vehicle is all electric and the "balance" of the steering feels exactly as it should, not too light or heavy. If you are one of the drivers who prefer the manual transmission version, you'll be happy to know that the overall trip is almost as soft as the automatic version.

    Therefore, with the launch of this new sub-c car, Chevrolet is definitely the lead in this class of car. The 2011 Chevy Sonic has everything you want from the great safety features, superior performance and numerous features high quality interior. As for the fit and the party, these two cars are almost as good as Sonic, but the main feature they lack is the high performance turbocharged engine. And it is because the feature alone makes the Sonic the best sub-c of vehicles in the market this year, at least for now.

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The new Chevrolet Sonic on the market

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