Audi range includes types of cars

    Audi is a manufacturer of luxury cars for over a century. It has created a legacy of excellence in engineering performance and pure for long. Audi cars has been loved by all continents. Sales of Audi car behind the Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These cars are well known for luxurious interiors and exteriors impressive. Audi follows the same mantra in creating their products. Audi has built a reputation that the four rings emblem immediately evokes respect for all people. The Audi range includes types of vehicles such as SUV, coupe, hatchback compact, sedan, convertible and station.

    Here is a list of popular Audi cars in recent times -

    Audi Q5

    Audi Q5 is a luxury crossover vehicle launched last month in India. It was released for the international market in 2009. Audi Q5 is too civilized to be driven by people in costumes with stripes. It is also a smooth road can be taken on long journeys. Q5 shares is the biggest issue with the Audi Q7. Audi Q5 compact SUV is loaded with sophisticated modern devices like multimedia interface, xenon headlamps plus, Bang & Olufsen surround sound system, rear-seat entertainment with color displays, tri-zone automatic air conditioning system, acoustic parking, rear view camera and leather seats. The Audi driver information system helps to drive the control of a variety of indoor and outdoor functions. Audi Q5 comes with a starting price of Rs 38.29 lakh for the petrol variant and Rs 44.19 lakh in the diesel version.

    Audi A4

    Audi A4 has been one of the most successful brand in early appointment as A4 was well known as the Audi 80. This model was the first Audi model range to achieve a fully galvanized body and ten year warranty against rust the metal. That revived unassisted Audi as a manufacturer of luxury cars. The first generation Audi A4 was introduced in 1996 a great success. Teutons seems Captivative Audi A4, impressive performance and stylish interior, well finished set the theme of new Audi models from the 90's. Although it is available as a sedan, convertible and wagon styles of cars in Western markets, which is only available as a sedan in India. A4 in India is powered by a turbo engine coupled with a gearbox 7-speed multitronic. The A4 has all the luxuries typical of Audi including the well-lit instrument panel and steering wheel so the choice of interface and multi-media interface and top-line audio system. A4 comes with three model selection of the unit. The Shooting Brake Concept offers an impressive amount of space and ample space for the knees. The A4 has a maximum speed ranging from 227 km / h to 250 kmh depending on engine capacity. Audi A4 comes with prices starting at Rs 29 lakh.

    Audi Q7

    It is the largest vehicle in the Audi model range. The Audi Q7 is a luxury vehicle with all the quality and opulence that buyers have come to expect from the manufacturers. The luxurious interiors and high quality craftsmanship have a sophisticated vehicle. A number of luxury features as the ability of seven people to be with legroom, eight airbags, voice-activated navigation system, adaptive xenon headlights, adaptive cruise control and panoramic sunroof. Despite its large size, the Q7 offers excellent handling in curves, great traction in all terrain and all-wheel-drive system favors the driving pleasure. Audi Q7 was the first of the series Q of vehicles in the carport. Q7 was introduced in January 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show. Audi prices Q7 Rs 53.40 lakh start.

    Audi TT

    It is the sportiest car in the Audi range. It was one of the most spectacular cars out in the late 90s. Although Audi TT sports car is called, but is not very sporty coupe or a roadster, but in essence it is a front-wheel drive two-seater GT. Audi TT is the name of motorsports Tourist Trophy held in the UK. The symmetrical design style enhance high speed aerodynamics. The 3.2litre V6 engine produces a massive 250 hp and 320 Nm of torque. It could be one of the few all high performance cars traction. The Quattro 3. 2 provides more power to the drive in a straight path as it comes with an aggressive engine exhaust sound. The brakes, dual circuit diagonally with the division, hydraulic brake assist and ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels provide hardbraking at high speeds. Audi TT is one of the few sports luxury cars in the world, where the owner gets to enjoy the opulence while enjoying a sporty drive. Audi TT RS comes from 55 lakh.

    Audi R8

    Audi R8 is a legend in racing. It is one of the few motor sports cars that have been adapted as production models. One of the high performance Audi ever made. Audi R8 is an attempt to take in the exotic car world. It is also the first mid-engine car that offers the brand. The R8 is the culmination of the racing history of Audi. The R8 is followed by R10, which was presented during the celebration of 100 years. The Audi R8 has won several events such as motor sports racing 24 hours of Le Man. So much space structure is similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo. He won the world car of the year 2008. It is one of the rare breed of exotic cars you can drive on racetracks, as well as business. The straps 420 hp engine power and the spot "R Tronic 'sequential shifting manual transmission with an automatic mode offers drivers an exciting drive. Because of his excellent history of motorsport, Audi R8 comes with a price of Rs 1.13 million rupees.

    Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus and Audi are some popular luxury cars. By last name maybe that is what you are seeking now. The German car could be the right choice for you. But maybe you have a problem with their economic situation. The most appropriate way would be through the purchase of used Audi cars, because you can get good car with cheap price. However, buying a used car is not as easy as you might imagine, there are some things you should know.

    The first thing to know is the type of Audi cars that match your financial situation. Some types of Audi used cars to choose from are the Audi A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, TT, R8 and Audi Q5. There are also models S and RS models for the S models are the Audi TTS, S3, S4, S5, S6 and Audi S8, while for the RS models are the Audi TT RS, RS2, RS4, RS5 and Audi RS6.

    In addition to choosing the right type to fit your desires and budget, you should also take into account the year of manufacture. This is very important that you pay attention and usually the condition of a car is still good in the use of the term of four years, but is not guaranteed if used for five years or more.

    If your budget is around $ 10,000 - $ 20,000 Audi used cars that may be able to choose from are Audi A3, A4, A6 and Audi TT. But if you have a budget of about $ 20,000 - $ 30,000 Audi S4 you can choose or Q7. And if you expect the price ranged from $ 30,000 to 40,000 of the options you can choose from are the Audi A8, RS 4, S5, A5 and Audi Q5.

    Most features of Audi used cars on the market are the Audi A4, A8, S4 and Audi S8, while the Audi A5, A6, TT and Audi Q5 are the most valued consumer, however, the Audi A3 and A4 are the consumers "most wanted.

    All prices are not absolute, because the price of a used car depends on the year of manufacture and mileage of the car. If the car is older or has a more distant mileage then the price will be cheaper. However, it would be better if you choose to use the Audi cars that have been used no more than four years.

    To get a quality car, you do not pay much, because there are plenty of cheap used cars available and still in very good condition.

    The Audi range includes a family farm and the sports car that lets you freely choose to cover their needs, issues and desires. For those with small families, the Audi A2 is the best choice since it is a convenient and practical vehicle. If you want a car that offers style hatchback a racier engine and provides incredible driving experience, then you have to go for the Audi A3.

    The Audi A4 and A6 models are perfect for people looking for a larger vehicle. These vehicles offer a beautiful style and advanced technology. To ensure that you will experience the comfort of your seat and the wind rush through your hair, there are many models of Audi cars are available in cabriolet.

    For those looking for a used sports car, the Audi TT was one of the largest Audi cars for you to choose. It will give you a superior driving experience and has a Quattro system that put the power on the road. The Audi TT comes in hardtop and convertible. However, you will surely get a good impression for his appearances drop dead amazing.

    The 'S' models are known as other sports offered by Audi dealerships Audi. Basically, these models are of the normal range, which has large engines and suspension set. As a matter of fact, Audi production models of the 'S' goods like cars dedicated to parents who want to push a little on the operation of the school.

    Vehicles Audi dealers will offer two cars, the A5 and R8 luxury, they are not available yet. The A5 has a beautiful design that symbolizes living-sighted attitude of Audi. However, the sumptuous R8 mid-engined supercar that will give you an amazing driving experience due to its V8 engine roar. Also be amazed by their high-tech features that are fully installed in the car. When you have the opportunity to find a used one, then it is very fortunate to be able to take over.

    For over a century, Audi has been producing high quality vehicles. Audi cars are also well known for its strength and is perfect for buying second hand. You will find that the warranties and aftercare come fast and thick when you go to a second-hand dealers as Audi. It is highly recommended that you visit your Audi dealer to buy a used car from Audi.

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Audi range includes types of cars

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