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    Each year Consumer Reports predicted reliability of the vehicle models based on performance over the previous 3 years, or younger if the data are limited, as they are for the newer models such as the Ford Fusion . The best small cars, family cars, luxury cars / luxury, minivan, SUVs, midsize SUVs, luxury SUVs and trucks by Consumer Reports expected infrequency of serious problems is the following.

    In the small car category, the Honda and Toyota vehicles dominate. Top Five small cars of 2011 are:

    Toyota Yaris, a sedan or hatchback two-door or 4 door
    Honda Fit, a 4-door hatchback
    Scion xD Toyota Motor Corporation, a 4-door sedan
    Honda Civic Coupe
    Honda Civic Sedan.

    By comparison, last year 2010 Auto Reliability average (GPA) of these models to 2006 model years 2007, 2008 and 2009 are as follows:

    Toyota Yaris Hatchback: a perfect 4.00
    Honda Fit: 4.00
    Scion xD: 4.00
    Honda Civic Coupe: N / A
    Honda Civic Sedan: 3.50.

    In the category of family cars from Ford Motor Company captures first and second place in 2011 predicted reliability. The two are:

    Ford Fusion Hybrid
    Ford Fusion with a V6 engine and front wheel drive.

    The GPA 2010 Auto reliability of these models are:

    Ford Fusion Hybrid: 4.00 (based on only one year of historical data)
    Ford Fusion with a V6 engine and front wheel drive: 3.75.

    In the category of luxury cars / luxury, Honda and Toyota has four in the list. These are:

    Honda Motor Company, Acura RL,
    Honda Acura TL
    Toyota Lexus IS 250 RWD Sedan
    Toyota Lexus ES.

    Year averages are:

    Acura RL: 2.67
    Acura TL: 3.25
    Lexus IS 250 with rear: 2.50
    Lexus IS: 3.50.

    Two of the above are very modest.

    Do not make this year's high / list of luxury cars are Ford Lincoln MKZ and Mercury Milan four-cylinder, both of whom had a perfect 2010 4.00 GPA last year.

    In the category of large cars and trucks, the best is the V6, front wheel drive Toyota Sienna. The Reliability of the GPA 2010 Sienna front wheel drive the last 4 years is a more modest 3.00.

    Top 5 SUVs are as follows:

    Honda CR-V
    Toyota RAV4 with a V6 engine
    Mitsubishi Outlander
    Toyota RAV4 with a 4-cylinder engine
    Subaru Forester, with an engine without a turbo.

    The CP 2010 the best of the 4 models of recent years are:

    Honda CR-V: 3.75
    Toyota RAV4 with a V6: 3.40
    Mitsubishi Outlander: 3.00
    Toyota RAV4 with a four-cylinder: 3.75
    Subaru Forester turbo engine no: 4.00.

    The 4-cylinder RAV4 and Honda CR-V has a slope of 10 years average GPA of 3.88 and 3.63, respectively.

    The top 5 midsize SUV are:

    Toyota FJ Cruiser
    Toyota Highlander 4-cylinder engine
    Toyota Highlander with a V6 engine
    Hyundai Santa Fe with a V6 engine
    Nissan Pathfinder.

    The CP 2010 the best of the 4 models of recent years are:

    Toyota FJ Cruiser: 4.00
    Toyota Highlander 4-cylinder engine: N / A
    Toyota Highlander V6: 3.75
    Hyundai Santa Fe with a V6 engine: 2.75
    Nissan Pathfinder: 1.67.

    The Toyota Highlander V6 has an excellent 10-year average of 3.94 GPA. Pathfinder hop best of a very mediocre GPA 2010 suggests the data fine to a precise classification difficult.

    Top 3 luxury / luxury SUV are:

    Toyota Lexus LX
    Honda Acura RDX
    Honda Acura MDX.

    The CP 2010 the best of the 4 models of recent years are:

    Toyota Lexus LX: 3.67
    Honda Acura RDX: 3.33
    Honda Acura MDX: 3.50.

    The Lexus LX has an excellent 10 year overall average of 3.79 for the year 2010, the MDX is a more modest 3.31.

    The 5 Best trucks are:

    Toyota Tundra V6
    Honda Ridgeline
    Nissan Frontier 2 wheel-drive
    Ford Ranger two-wheel-drive
    Toyota Tundra with a V8 engine and 4-wheel drive.

    The Ridgeline has a notable recent GPA 3.75.

    Descendants luxury Honda, Acura, has been busy renovating the vehicles from the turn of the millennium, with a modern and heavy equipment technology, while maintaining a lower price compared to other vehicles in the luxury class . So how do Acura in 2009?

    Acura launched two redesigned models in 2009, the TL and TSX, RL and updated mid-year. The TL remains Acura's best selling car, selling 33,620 in 2009, but below 48,766 in 2008. Received rave reviews for his performance but critics have mixed feelings about the design style, thanks to a final peak shape ahead. The new design includes a more powerful 3.5-liter V6, lighter steering and interior.

    The TSX, while also increasing its size compared to previous years, smaller vehicle is the Acura offers. Sales decreases from 2008 to 2009 were less than the TL, of 31,998 to 28,650 for the year, but with the increase in sales on a monthly basis. With a score of security through good food, an increase in torque and power distribution, and many luxury features, the TSX was a finalist for Motor Trend Car of the Year Award.

    While the MDX luxury SUV and RDX crossover sales remain strong, with new updates and facelifts, the Acura RL, produces softer numbers. With the TL gain more power and functions, which is undermining the relevance of the model star, but a complete revamp coming in 2011.

    After sales in the automotive industry as a whole, each model has been the decline in the number of production in recent years and the stock fell in 2009, but the Acura continues to remain competitive. With the launch of the 2010 range ZDX shoulders, a 4-door coupe, and the improved engine in the TSX for the 2010 model, Acura is hoping to reverse the trend.

    The new generation of Acura Advanced Sports Car seems to be the replacement for the Acura NSX. The hood of the car is full of sculpture and deep lines and marked with air vents. The curves and lines running to the side of the vehicle body and the rear wheel arches show aggression and fluidity. Most of the features provided in the model of similar appearance to the first generation version of Acura NSX.

    As for the specifications of the new Acura Advanced Sports Car is concerned, has the wheelbase of 2763 mm. The concept car was presented with 20-inch tires in the rear and 19 inch tires on the front of the car. The tires most powerful sports car will be mounted on polished aluminum wheels that hide all the power. The carbon ceramic ventilated disc brakes and 8-piston calipers are an added advantage for the car.

    Besides complete with threaded tires on the back and front, the powerful V8 engine also distributes power to all four wheels when needed. The independent suspension system helps in the perfect use of the energy generated by the engine.

    The security features are expected to be included in the new version include four-wheel disc brakes, antilock braking system, electronic stability control, traction control, side air bags air curtain side air bags rearview mirror. Not only the security features to protect passengers in the car, will also be equipped with all the luxury features and entertainment needed for a sports car.

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